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It has been 86 days since I went back to working full time at the casino. I am far better off. I have money on Coinbase that is working 24 hours a day. I have paychecks coming in every two weeks. I have a small Social Security check deposited to my checking account every 2nd Wednesday of the month. I will pay off AMEX next year in full. I will have money in my Sock Fund. I will have a nice chunk of change sitting in the bank at all times. It will take time. Chasing a get rich quick scheme is not the best plan of action. Prudence is the best course. A quick fortune in SHIB was possible but it really doesn't matter I let it slip past me. The money will be there. In the meantime, I am living well. That is all that matters.

I was right about SHIB. I had a $35,000 opportunity in the palm of my hand and I let it slip away. Putting everything I owned into the SHIB token was a huge risk but it would have paid out. I did the responsible thing in dumping it. I put the money into DOT. I believe it is solid and a profit on my investment will be there in the future. I hope this future is near. I need the money. I am looking at a one year horizon. During this time I will pay off my debt, and slave away at the snake pit. I put myself behind this eight ball. I have to suck it up and make things right. Chasing a get rich quick scheme is not the way to rectify things. I can't look back at all the mistakes I have made in my life. I am depressed enough as it is.

Yesterday, NIH confirmed that EcoHealth violated the terms of their grant by concealing data on dangerous coronavirus experiments in Wuhan. Even worse, NIH Director Collins and Dr. Anthony Fauci potentially misled the Committee and the American people about its knowledge of this cover-up.

I am looking past the gossip value of all the hype of this revelation and the pissing contest between Rand Paul and Anthony Fauci. I don't think Fauci will be charged with lying to Congress. If his reputation and his integrity become compromised, he will suddenly toss off the mortal coil. He is old and his sudden passing might be a shock, but not unexpected. The more things change, the more thay stay the same, "they will use you till they are done with you."

I want to shed light on a United Nations program called Agenda 21 a.k.a. The United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to achieve decent lives for all on a healthy planet by 2030.

I posted here on Time to Blog! a long time ago. The New World Order is not something that will be established in the future. It is already a done deal.

Rosa Koire, Behind The Green Mask, UN Agenda 21

I don't know for certain if the COVID-19 pandemic is a planned culling of the herd. I don't know if this vacination program is part of a larger, hidden agenda to manipulate and control the human race in ways I am unable to fathom. I have my suspicions. I will not get the booster shot.

A former porn star was sentenced Wednesday to 10 years in prison for her role in connection
to the shooting death of a 51 year old man in Florida, a report said.

24 year old Lauren Kay Wambles a.k.a. Aubrey Gold, pleaded no contest to accessory after the fact to
second-degree murder with a firearm in the July 2020 death of Raul Ambriz Guillen. The Panama City News Herald said it was determined that Guillen died from a single shot to the back of his head. At the time of the shooting, Wambles was Guillen's girlfriend. Drugs may have played a role in the murder.

Wambles reportedly appeared in 31 adult films from 2015 to 2018.

It apperas that after Wambles left the porn industry in 2018, her life took a turn for the worse. When you associate with people who are involved in crime and violence, you end up getting caught up in a net of misfortune. I doubt that this young woman is a killer. I could be wrong. I think it is sad that she had to end up in prison before she realized her life may have been spinning out of control.

Trump Can’t Help Himself, Lashes Out at Colin Powell

"Wonderful to see Colin Powell, who made big mistakes on Iraq and famously, so-called weapons of mass destruction, be treated in death so beautifully by the Fake News Media," Trump wrote in a statement released Tuesday through his Save America PAC. "Hope that happens to me someday. He was a classic RINO, if even that, always being the first to attack other Republicans. He made plenty of mistakes, but anyway, may he rest in peace!"

Of course Donald Trump is attacking Powell. The man is dead. Trump hasn't got the balls to tell a real man to his face what he thinks of him. Colin Powell achieved greatness in his life. Trump was born from wealth. The only wealth he has accumulated is the money he borrowed from banks around the world and never paid back. He was elected President of the United States. He had an opportunity to achieve greatness and he blew it. Being on the world stage revealed the true character of Donald J. Trump. He is a spoiled brat, unable to tell the truth, and a person who refused to take personal responsibility. People who are quick to point the finger of blame at others are ignorant and weak. Donald Trump deserves our pity. Respect is earned. Colin Powell was a man who earned it. Trump has gone through life expecting it. Donald Trump is a child.

Is this why Trump called Powell a RINO?

It may have been wishful thinking on my part to believe that SHIB would rise to a price level that would drop a large sum of cash into my lap. A whale, or a group of people working together have a wallet of SHIB holding 6 trillion. With that leverage, this wallet can control the SHIB market at will. The price seems to fluctuate between 0.00002465 to 0.00003100 like clock work. With trillions of leverage, this one wallet is churning out 10's and even 100's of millions of dollars a whack. The SHIB Army will never reach their goal of driving the price to one cent. This meme coin doesn't have to rise to make a king's ransom for the wallet holding 6 trillion. They can ride this coin out controlling and keeping the price right where it is. I converted what I had into Polkadot (DOT).

My crypto investment is something I hope will put the icing on my exit cake. I would like to think this exit could be tomorrow, but it isn't going to happen. I have to pound out my shifts for one year, save every penny I can, and pray to God DOT will rise in price to put me in a position where I can walk away from the corporate rat race for good. I hate the casino business. It is my saving grace to have this job. I will pay off my debt but it isn't going to happen as soon as I would like it to happen. I have to suffer through the slings and arrows of misfortune till the debt is paid in full. I am seeing progress, but no real daylight. I have been working full time for two months. I have 12 to 15 to go.

PLanning ahead and making a real life possible in the future is a noble cause, but I have to remember that my life is what happens to me today and even tomorrow. I can't begin living once I put the things right I believe I have wronged. I have to remember that now is all I have.


I converted my SHIB to Polkadot (DOT). DOT is a real project with a foundation in Computer Science. Long story, DOT should be worth $100 in a year, and more than likely, less than a year. I have 100 DOT. I am counting on DOT putting me over the top. I also have 200 Cardano (ADA) HODL!

I didn't know this. Yesterday was "coming out" day. This is some badge of honor bullshit being promoted by the LGBTQ community in their effort to corrupt youth. In order to promote perversion, the son of Superman is coming out as a bi-sexual. Watch CNN fairy Don Lemon fantasize about being a super hero.

I am motivated more than ever to save every penny of my casino paychecks, a.k.a. blood money. I can finally live off the social media grid and live out the rest of my life protecting my sanity; what's left of it. It will take 12 months of busting my ass to make this exit possible. DOT will put me over the top.

I have a nice position in crypto. I have a "basket" of coins I like for a longer time frame. I do not expect to get rich off this small investment. The money is working. If it was sitting in the bank, it would not be accruing interest . I have 55,875,000 SHIB. I had more but this amount is balanced. The risk is zero because I won the $1,500.00 used to pay for them playing slots. The SHIB Army is hell bent on running this coin to one cent. I wish them well. At 0.0009 I plan on selling this position for $50,000.00

The key to all my financial plans and my future exit from working full time depends on keeping my shoulder to the wheel. One year is not an eternity. In one year, I will be able to buy my van to live in and travel where I want to go. This is a viable future within my grasp. It isn't a pipe dream.

I listened to recordings of R. Carlos Nakai playing the Native American Flute. I have been off the last two days. It is back to the snake pit tomorrow. I have a year to put up with it, and if I do my time correctly, I will be debt free with a stake in ADA on Coinbase that will make my exit possible. My exit is all that keeps me going. I will fix up a van to live in and head out West. I will live a life I choose, and not one I am stuck with. I will play my flute and create income to help pay my way. All I have to do is enjoy each and every day. I am not happy with my current situation. It will pass.

SHIB jumped 60% briefly today. I could have made a quick $3,500. The risk was too great. It still is. Cardano is solid. The money I need will be there. I need to stay focused on the future I am building. If it takes a year, it takes a year. I will survive.

'Playboy' makes history with first openly gay cover star, Bretman Rock

Is this the final nail in the coffin of common sense and decency? Playboy is dead. The magazine needs to change it's name to Fagboy. President Xi Jinping is not as crazy as I thought. He has the political will to stop the sodomites from perverting the youth of China. Look what we have here in America. We have an Administration promoting a satanic agenda of anal worship. I'm serious. Look at the posts I have made the past few months. This campaign of filth is in plain sight. I will not be a part of this nonsense. I have done my part to expose it. I can not beat this dead horse any longer. This is the last straw.

Where do I begin in describing the talking points of the day? The United States is circling the financial drain. The promise of a $3.5 trillion Infrastructure Bill fixing this is a pipe dream. It sounds good. It makes Papa Joe look good. This Bill is chock full of all the things that will heal the people, the Earth, and the Biden legacy. It's a joke.

I am afraid of the year I see ahead. The American Dream is taking a severe beating. The small corner of my existence is OK. I don't know how I am going to deal with working in the casino business till December 2022. I have no choice. I have to pay my dues. The money will come. I will dig myself out of the hole. I won't be poor anymore. I have to care about the life that will be there. Today, the clouds are dark. There is a dim light at the end of the tunnel.

Looking at the world through the lens of digital perversion is not the world I choose to live in. I can not escape this nightmare that technology has enslaved us to. I have studied it. The science is a fucking marvel to behold. The depth of knowledge is an addiction that the human race can not turn away from. I, as an individual, can choose how I deal with it. I will use HTML to share my message with the world, if they want to listen. I can share my music, as simple as it may be. I still have something positive to give. If this something falls on deaf ears, it will still make a sound.

I don't give a damn for the lords and ladies of the Senate. I don't give a rat's ass for those privileged few who think my role in life is to hang on to every drop of politically correct dribble that oozes from their lips. My existence will not be judged by an algorithm of popularity. I'm tired of being used, of being ridiculed for not being one of you. Time to Blog! has to change it's tune. I don't feel I have wasted my time researching the shit hitting the fan and calling it for what it is. I believe the next generation needs to be exposed to a point of view that was not afraid to point a finger at the ugly head of Truth and say, "can you deny what your eyes are telling you?"

I do not expect a $1 million crypto opportunity to fall into my lap again. I have been reading about the SHIB Army. They say they have a desire to run this token to 0.01. The current price is 0.00000687 USD. I will keep an eye on this. $1,500 could turn into $15,000 with one drop of a zero. It is a high risk play. This SHIB token has the earmarks of a pump & dump scheme. I will buy ADA and HOLD! They are creating a platform that will power the world of digital finance in the 21st century. Rome was not built in a day. People are criticizing Cardano for not moving fast enough. The current price reflects this.

Bill Cosby says R. Kelly got 'railroaded' with guilty verdict

This is news? A serial rapist is defending another serial rapist.
R. Kelly and Bill Cosby are scum walking upright. Bill Cosby has no shame. What do you expect? Apparently, Yahoo News doesn't have any class. If they did, they would not be giving this piece of shit a soapbox to stand on.

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