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His Holiness the Dalai Lama has been kicked off of Twitter.

I do like some of the funny commentary I have read over this Dalai Lama uproar:

"Hey man. Check that chick out. She is hot! Yeah, but is she Lama hot?"
It is common knowledge that the sect of Tibeten Buddhism His Holiness leads has a closet full of skeletons.
I honestly think his comments have been taken out of context. This is the nature of the Digital Beast.
Global communication hasn't brought out the best of the human race. If the Dali Lama had said something like,
"and it wouldn't hurt if she had a nice rack", it would be a different story.

It looks like the Dalai Lama Twitter account is still in force.

I am all for advocating the rights of human beings. Working for a living is a prison sentence with no possibility of parole. I am a student of history. I got the message. This message is 5,000 years old.

For what is it worth, I will post this recent video of John McAfee from his new digs in Cuba. I would bet my last bottom dollar that he is not paying his bills in cryptocurrency. This man has millions of USD. It is easy to advocate freedom from the oppressive bank lords and still be shackled to the present economic systems. I won't call this hypocrisy. It is ironic. I am hoping BTC goes to the moon. I own a scrap. A scrap at $100,000 will make my life easier. I will have to convert this BTC to USD. I can not pay my bills with crypto. I can not go to my local grocery store and buy food with crypto. I need USD. This utopia that John MacAfee speaks of exists in a make believe world at the present time. This man has earned a great deal of respect in the computer science world and he deserves it. I don't consider him to be a role model or a poster boy for the cryptocurrency movement.

I submitted a letter of resignation to the Diamond Jo Casino today. So ends my 17 year career in the gaming business.

It was the only profession I ever had. I am proud to have reached a level of mastery dealing roulette. It takes years of hard work and dedication to reach a level of mastery in any skill, and the casino business no longer fosters this environment. Dealing casino games is more of a job than a profession these days. I am a dinosaur from an era long past. In the past few years, I watched what was once a profession turn into a shell of it's former self. The young adults today can't add numbers in their heads. They do not know what multiplication tables are or how to use them. Three months on the job and they are experts. They do not understand what true mastery is of anything. They do not have the time because they are too busy riding around on their high horses thumbing their noses at old timers like myself.

It is best to walk away from a business that was once a profession and a career, and leave behind what the casino business has become. It is a nightmare. Casinos were always called "toilets" by those of us in the business. It was a jab. We all loved the business. If you had to work for a living, the casino business was the best job you could ever have. The work was easy because you were the best at doing it. The money was good. The camaraderie was excellent.

Casinos are no longer just toilets. They are shit holes. Mastery of the casino business is a lost art.

I have the time to pursue other things now. I can finally sit down and focus on my writing. Having enough money to pay the bills will always be a distraction, unless a pile of cash falls from the sky and lands in my lap. Putting this aside, I can move forward. I am proud of my accomplishments in the business I loved, meager as they may be. Time to put the same dedication into creating a new life for myself.

I am all in on BTC. I learned a great deal about this cryptocurrency market.
I have studied it, charted it, and took advanced computer courses detailing the science behind it.
I have maintained core wallets, updated them, synchronized them, and I have exchanged one coin for another one through systems.
I am a cut above the average crypto geek and I have earned the right to say so.

I am done chasing the next big pop. I am holding BTC and will hold it till I get the money out of it I need.
That will be far lower than where I believe it will rise to, but it doesn't matter. I have had large sums of money right at my finger tips, but I was never able to get the fish in the boat. Now, I will. The environment is set in stone. I do not have to wait long. That is a blessing because I am not 30 years old anymore. I need the money today.

Summer is almost here!

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